[形式语言] 06 Context-free Language

[形式语言] 05 Pushdown Automaton

[形式语言] 04 Context-free Grammar

[形式语言] 03 Regular Expression and Regular Language

[TaPL] 15 Subtyping

[PLDI'95] Global Code Motion/Global Value Numbering

[CC'13] Simple and Efficient Construction of Static Single Assignment Form

LLVM IR Parser


[ICCAD'17] Reusability is FIRRTL ground: Hardware construction languages, compiler frameworks, and transformations

[PLDI'20] LLHD: A Multi-Level Intermediate Representation for Hardware Description Languages

2022 计算机保研夏令营经验

LLVM 如何构造 SSA:Mem2Reg Pass





[TaPL] 14 Exceptions

[TaPL] 13 References

[TaPL] 12 Normalization

Types and Algebra

[形式语言] 02 Finite automata

[形式语言] 01 Grammar

[TaPL] 11 Simple Extensions

[TaPL] 10 STLC in ML

[TaPL] 09 Simply Typed Lambda-Calculus

[TaPL] 08 Typed Arithmetic Expressions

[TaPL] 07 Lambda-Calculus in ML

[TaPL] 06 Nameless Representation of Terms

[TaPL] 05 The Untyped Lambda-Calculus

[TaPL] 04 Arithmetic Expressions in ML

[TaPL] 03 Untyped Arithmetic Expressions

[The Little Typer] 11 All lists are created equals

[The Little Typer] 10 It also depends on the List

[The Little Typer] 09 Double your Money

[The Little Typer] 08 Pick a Number, any Number

[The Little Typer] 07 It all depends on the Motive

[The Little Typer] 06 Precisely How Many?

[The Little Typer] 05 Lists, Lists, and More Lists

[The Little Typer] 04 Easy as Pie

[The Little Typer] 03 Eliminate All Natural Numbers!

[The Little Typer] 02 Doin' What Comes Naturally

[The Little Typer] 01 The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

使用 Utterances 为静态博客添加评论

[BUAA-CO-Lab] P7 MIPS 微体系


[BUAA-CO-Lab] P6 流水线 CPU-lite2

[BUAA-CO-Lab] P5 流水线 CPU-lite

[BUAA-CO-Lab] P4 单周期 CPU - 2

[BUAA-CO-Lab] P3 单周期 CPU - 1

[BUAA-CO-Lab] P2 MIPS 汇编程序设计

[BUAA-CO-Lab] P1 Verilog 模块及状态机

[BUAA-CO-Lab] P0 Logisim 模块及状态机

[BUAA-CO-Lab] Pre-03 MIPS 指令

[TaPL] 01 Introduction

[BUAA-CO-Lab] Pre-02 Verilog

[BUAA-CO-Lab] Pre-01 Logisim

[The Little Schemer] 10 What Is the Value of All of This?

[The Little Schemer] 09 … and Again, and Again, and Again, …

[The Little Schemer] 08 Lambda the Ultimate

[The Little Schemer] 07 Friends and Relations

[The Little Schemer] 06 Shadows

[The Little Schemer] 05 Oh My Gawd : It's Full of Stars

[The Little Schemer] 01 Toys ~ 04 Number Games